What people say about us...

The Tae Kwon Do school at Hiawatha's is terrific. Hiawatha and his instructors are great with the kids and there is a very positive atmosphere here.  The student instructors are also wonderful role models for the younger children.

Carolyn F.

My family and I have been going to Hiawatha's Martial Arts for over 10 years.  My children have learned the art of Tae Kwon Do, and while doing so have learned self-discipline, patience and respect.  Through hard work they have gained mental toughness and self confidence, all while having fun.  Kwan Jung Niem Hiawatha and Sabum Niem Steve are both terrific teachers and role models.  The Kick Boxing Class here is the best work-out I have ever had.  

Linda Solomon

During our 8th year at Hiawatha's, the school has become like a home away from home, for my 13 year old son and me.  The energy and positive supportive environment keep us eager to attend several times weekly.  (Can you imagine?!!) This is a school where children and adults, both athletic or "not so much" yet, mainstream or with LEARNING DIFFERENCES, are welcomed, patiently encouraged, infused with confidence and enthusiasm, perserverance, learn self control and BECOME ABLE to achieve personal and fitness goals.  I plan to become a Black Belt by my 60th Birthday! I am proud of the academy's warm inclusive atmosphere, as well as it's rigorous Tae Kwon Do standards, rockin' kick-boxing and bag classes with a little BJJ thrown in!  SO DON"T WORRY YOU HARDCORE MMA TYPES, THEY HAVE GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU TOO....   Thanks Hiawatha, Steve, Lucy, Carolyn, Ellen, Professor, Andy, Juan et. al. (Not unlike you & me, BUT MORE FIT & ENTHUSIASTIC.) "Come on in, the "PROVERBIAL  water is fine!"  

See ya at the Do Jang.... 

Jenny Manion Fox

Hiawatha's is a wonderful place.  My son has been going for six years and has enjoyed every minute of it.  Instructors and staff are a great combination of serious and fun and make the classes truly enjoyable.

Jenny C.

Hiawatha's Martial Arts is an amazing school.  The environment fosters personal growth and self awareness.  My son loves the school and staff.  He was once shy and filled with doubt and now is filled with confidence and pride in his achievements.  Thank you for all you do for our children.

Mary Costa

Hiawatha's Martial Arts is wonderful.  Hiawatha, Steve and the whole staff are positive and inspiring.  You can see how much the children enjoy learning the techniques and how much Hiawatha and Steve enjoy teaching them.  My son has been attending classes for over 6 years and has loved every minute of it.

Sandy DaCosta

Best Birthday Party Ever!!  that is what my friends said to me as we watched our kids learn

Tae Kwon Do moves, "attack" the instructors using their new moves, and play on a bouncy obstacle course.  The instructor, Steve, and his helpers were amazing with the kids and they did everything for me.  I got to sit back and enjoy watching a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds have a blast!

Many thanks to Hiawatha, Lucy, Steve and the crew!

Rebecca Williams