This class puts authentic martial arts and boxing techniques to energizing music, while training to get into the best shape of your life.

Consistency - the key to success.  It's easy to want to be in-shape, but being motivated to go to a gym or dedicated to run on a treadmill is not.   Our classes are Motivating, Exciting and FunOur clients  actually enjoy learning martial arts and boxing moves while they train to get into the best shape of their life.
The combination of a fun workout, physical results and learning a life-skill is what we call a

three dimensional workout, giving you MANY reasons to take our classes...

Finally a fitness program you will train with consistently.
Physical & Mental Conditioning

Unlike many other workouts, the focus includes all 3 aspects of physical conditioning.

-Muscular Development

Tones and builds muscle strength while improving your appearance.

-Cardiovascular Conditioning

Strenghens your heart and lungs while increasing energy level and burning 800+ calories per cardio class.

- Stress Relief

When most Americans want to relieve tension they book a vacation.  The problem is relieving tension just once or twice a year is not enough.  Our workout burns off excess energy, built-up tension and promotes a sense of calm.  You leave feeling rejuvenated and better able to deal with the rest of your day's challenges.​​

Cardio Kick Boxing